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Before Case 285 After
Before Photo After 10 wks.

Case 285

This 55 year old patient exercised regularly and was very fit, but struggled with back fat.  She had 4 applications to her upper and lower back to reduce the amount of fat.  After 10 weeks, there was a visible reduction in the folds on her back.
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Before Case 275 After
Before Photo After 5 mos.

Case 275

This 54 year old female describes herself as “skinny fat”.  She works out four hours daily and has a normal BMI, but is still unable to lose fat around her middle.  Her main areas of concern are her abdomen, flanks, and arms.  She does not want to do any surgery that wo...
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Before Case 254 After
Before Photo After 6 mos.

Case 254

This patient came to the office seeking liposuction for her “muffin top” and back flanks.  She was evaluated for liposuction and Coolsculpting.  She weighed only 116 pounds, and with Coolsculpting, could possibly experience results less dramatic than a heavier person. ...
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Before Case 230 After
Before Photo After 2 mos.

Case 230

This 52 year old patient was unhappy with the appearance of her abdomen.  She was consulted in the office for an abdominoplasty and liposuction.  She ended up getting Coolsculpting instead with 4 large applicators for her upper and lower abdomen, and 4 small applicators for her flanks.&...
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Before Case 176 After
front view before treatment Front view after treatment

Case 176

Patient exercises and is health conscious, but was concerned about the appearance of her hips and abdomen.  She came into the office to inquire about liposuction.  Patient opted for the non invasive CoolSculpting to de-bulk her areas of concern.  She had a large application to her...
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Before Case 171 After
front view before treatment Front view after treatment

Case 171

Patient was already at her ideal weight, but had a hard time getting rid of abdominal fat.  Patient had two large applications to the lower abdomen in one treatment, and a third large application to the lower abdomen at another treatment.  Patient maintained her weight during the 3 months.
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Before Case 286 After
Before Photo After 2 mos.

Case 286

This patient was interested in Coolsculpting for her outer thighs. She had what is considered a 'banana roll', which is essentially fat that forms under the buttocks. It is a very common issue in women and can prevent women from wearing a bathing suit. The patient had maint...
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Before Case 284 After
Before Photo After 4 mos.

Case 284

This young 22 year old patient wanted to remove a little fat under her chin.  She had a total of 3 applications spaced over 2 visits.  After 4 months, there was more definition to her profile.
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Before Case 283 After
Before Photo After 4 mos.

Case 283

No matter what her weight was, this patient’s submental fat was always a concern.  Although she first did not seem like an appropriate candidate for CoolSculpting, she wanted to try non-invasive treatments before surgical options.  The patient had two applications on each side app...
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Before Case 282 After
Before Photo After 4 mos.

Case 282

This slim patient had been unsuccessful in reducing the amount of fat in her lower abdomen with diet and exercise.  Therefore she opted to have two applications of CoolSculpting to her lower abdomen.  The patient stated that she was very happy with her results.
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