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Before Case 251 After
Before Photo After 6 mos.

Case 251

This mother of two wanted to regain the volume lost from breastfeeding.  She got the natural look she desired with 350mL silicone gel implants.
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Before Case 234 After
Before Photo After 10 mos.

Case 234

This 43 year old patient had a breast lift performed 4 years prior at another practice.  At that time, she did not use implants.  This time she desired more fullness through a bilateral breast augmentation.  Dr. Doubek dissected through the old inframammary fold scars to create the...
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Before Case 274 After
Before Photo After 1 year

Case 274

This patient who desired a breast augmentation, had slight asymmetry with the right side larger than the left.  She also did not want to be too big after the surgery.  She had Mentor smooth round hi profile implants size 225 on the right and 250 in the left, placed under the muscle.&nbs...
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Before Case 257 After
Before Photo After 2 mobnths

Case 257

This patient’s cup size was an A cup.  She wanted to increase it to a B or C up to look natural and to fill out her clothes better.  She elected to have a bilateral breast augmentation with 300mL Mentor 4000 Smooth round high profile silicone gel implants under the muscle.
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Before Case 252 After
Before Photo After 8 mos.

Case 252

The patient had small breasts which lost volume after breastfeeding her three children.  She desired a natural looking B cup size so she opted to place the implants under the muscle with 275mL on the right and 250 mL on left.  Dr. Doubek used Mentor style 1000, smooth, round, moderate p...
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Before Case 245 After
Before Photo After 9 mos.

Case 245

This patient had lap band surgery and lost 190 pounds.  Her weight has been stable for years.  She had significant excess skin and loss of chest volume.  She had a bilateral breast augmentation with full mastopexy.   She wanted to be a full C cup to be in balance with her...
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Before Case 243 After
Before Photo After 7 wks.

Case 243

This patient, who had nursed her children, had always wanted larger breasts.  Because she had some drooping, she had a bilateral circumvertical breast lift and breast augmentation.  Patient used Mentor 450 mL style 4000, smooth round gel implants.
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Before Case 229 After
Before Photo After 2 mos.

Case 229

This 25 year old patient had hypomastia, in which her breasts were abnormally small.  She opted for a bilateral breast augmentation with Mentor implants 440 mL MH.  Her thinness required the use of textured shaped silicone implants.
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Before Case 225 After
Front of breasts before surgery Front of breasts after surgery

Case 225

This 66 year old patient’s main complaints were her small breast size and inverted nipples.  She had always had inverted nipples and wanted to finally correct them.  The patient had a bilateral breast augmentation and bilateral nipple eversion.  Dr. Doubek used 350mL Mentor s...
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Before Case 221 After
Before Photo After 5 wks.

Case 221

Ten years ago at another office, this 40 year old patient underwent a breast augmentation with saline implants.  The saline implants have started to ripple.  Her breasts were asymmetric with the right nipple higher than the left, and the left side with more drooping than the right. ...
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