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Breast Augmentation Photos

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Before Case 335 After
Before Photo After 1 year

Case 335

This 32 year old patient’s breasts were deflated after having children and breastfeeding. She wanted to be full chested, but appropriate for her small frame. She had silicone smooth round high profile implants: 300 mL on the right, and 275 mL on the left.
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Before Case 251 After
Before Photo After 6 mos.

Case 251

This mother of two wanted to regain the volume lost from breastfeeding.  She got the natural look she desired with 350mL silicone gel implants.
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Before Case 234 After
Before Photo After 10 mos.

Case 234

This 43 year old patient had a breast lift performed 4 years prior at another practice.  At that time, she did not use implants.  This time she desired more fullness through a bilateral breast augmentation.  Dr. Doubek dissected through the old inframammary fold scars to create the...
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Before Case 366 After
Before Photo After Photo

Case 366

This 41-year old female was displeased with the appearance of her breasts and abdomen after having two children. She opted for a bilateral Breast Augmentation/Mastopexy as well as a Moderate Abdominoplasty. She is very pleased with her results and we think she looks fantastic!
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Before Case 359 After
Before Photo After Photo

Case 359

This 69-year-old patient wanted breasts that sat higher on her chest and were fuller. Dr. Janssen achieved this look by performing a bilateral breast augmentation using an inframammary incision. She is very happy with her results and did not experience any complications.
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Before Case 349 After
Before Photo After 6 Months

Case 349

This 37-year-old patient had significant weight loss and was looking to complete her transformation with a “mommy makeover” that included an extended moderate abdominoplasty, medial thigh lift with liposuction, brachioplasty (arm lift), breast augmentation and breast lift performed by...
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Before Case 346 After
Before Photo After 2 Years

Case 346

This 52-year-old patient had a desire for larger breasts. As part of her mommy makeover, a bilateral breast augmentation via fat transfer from her thighs was performed by Dr. Janssen. During this procedure, 385 mL of fat was placed into each breast to give her a fuller chest.
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Before Case 337 After
Before Photo After 1 yr.

Case 337

This 36 year old female mother was unhappy with her breasts and abdomen. She had sagging breasts and abdominal skin laxity. Her abdominal muscle tone was good with no rectus diastasis. For her mommy makeover, she opted for breast augmentation with no breast lift and a moderate abdominoplasty, whi...
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Before Case 333 After
Before Photo After 2 months

Case 333

This 49 year old patient came to us with concerns about the appearance of her breasts. There was breast asymmetry, sagging, and loss of volume. Her left breast was larger than the right breast. She underwent a breast augmentation with a full breast lift. She had a 450mL Mentor smooth ro...
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Before Case 274 After
Before Photo After 1 year

Case 274

This patient who desired a breast augmentation, had slight asymmetry with the right side larger than the left.  She also did not want to be too big after the surgery.  She had Mentor smooth round hi profile implants size 225 on the right and 250 in the left, placed under the muscle.&nbs...
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