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Before Case 288 After
Front of breasts before surgery Front of breasts 3 months after surgery

Case 288

This 40 year old patient’s complaint concerned the laxity in her breasts. She wanted her breasts to look like they did before she had children.  Her bra size has not changed.  She opted for a breast lift where 20g of tissue were removed from each breast.
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Before Case 224 After
Before Photo After 2 months

Case 224

This 41 year old patient had lost weight after bariatric surgery, and was concerned with her arms, breasts and abdomen.  The breasts had a moderate amount of volume with drooping.  Her abdomen had a large amount of loose skin.  Dr. Janssen performed an abdominoplasty, a breast lift...
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Before Case 247 After
Before Photo After 8 mos.

Case 247

Patient had a breast augmentation 9 years ago, and now wanted her silicone breast implants removed.  She was tired of having larger breasts, and wanted smaller, more demure breasts at this point in her life.  She had significant weight gain since the original breast augmentation. ...
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Before Case 245 After
Before Photo After 9 mos.

Case 245

This patient had lap band surgery and lost 190 pounds.  Her weight has been stable for years.  She had significant excess skin and loss of chest volume.  She had a bilateral breast augmentation with full mastopexy.   She wanted to be a full C cup to be in balance with her...
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Before Case 243 After
Before Photo After 7 wks.

Case 243

This patient, who had nursed her children, had always wanted larger breasts.  Because she had some drooping, she had a bilateral circumvertical breast lift and breast augmentation.  Patient used Mentor 450 mL style 4000, smooth round gel implants.
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Before Case 228 After
Before Photo After 6 mos.

Case 228

This 29 year old female has had breast asymmetry since 6th grade. There was a small tubular breast deformity on the left breast.  Her right breast was larger and drooping.  She did not use any padding but wore loose fitting shirts to hide her breasts. She wanted to be smaller and not bi...
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Before Case 196 After
Front of breasts before surgery Front of breasts after surgery

Case 196

This patient, with a history of breastfeeding, had deflated breasts.  The right breast drooped more and was slightly lower than the left.  She wanted only a breast augmentation, but we felt that she also needed a breast lift.  Vectra photos showed her how she would like if she did...
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Before Case 194 After
Front of breasts before surgery Front of breasts after surgery

Case 194

After having 2 children, this patient was looking for a breast lift and more firmness.  Her breasts drooped.  The left side was slightly larger than the right.  She did not want to be any bigger.  The patient opted for a bilateral mastopexy.  After the surgery the patient...
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Before Case 188 After
Front of breasts before surgery Front of breasts after surgery

Case 188

This was a difficult case of a 58 year old patient with a history of left breast cancer and mastectomy.  When she had a repeat of cancer in her left breast, a mastectomy was performed and tissue expander was placed at the same time.  Her nipple areolar complex sat low on her left side.&...
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Before Case 143 After
Front of breasts before surgery Front of breasts after surgery

Case 143

Patient had previously breastfed her children, which decreased her original cup size.  To replace fullness and projection, she opted for a bilateral breast augmentation with full mastopexy using Mentor® style 4000 high profile silicone gel implants.
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