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Before Case 351 After
Before Photo After 3 wks.

Case 351

This 38 year old female patient came to us with a split right earlobe. She was unable to wear earrings due to this defect. We fixed the tear with an earlobe repair. The post procedure photo is at 3 weeks. The earlobe will be fully healed in a few more weeks with hardly any scar. The patient...
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Before Case 327 After
Before Photo After 1 month

Case 327

This 26 year old female wore gauges for 9 years. Although she took them out 2 years ago, the holes did not close up. She was unhappy with the appearance of her lobes and opted to get them repaired. They healed up nicely as shown in the 4 week post op photo.
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Before Case 262 After
Before Photo After 4 months

Case 262

This 81 year old male patient has a history of multiple actinic keratosis.  At another practice, he had a few lesions excised, and some treated with liquid nitrogen.  He came to us with a non-healing ulcerative lesion of the left ear.  It had been present for 6 months and had not h...
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Before Case 216 After
Before Photo After 6 days

Case 216

This 30 year old patient’s ear wore 1” ear gauges which left her with elongated earlobes.  Dr. Doubek excised the deformity, removed the excess the skin and closed it with sutures.  Sutures were removed after 6 days.  Patient was pleased with her earlobe repair, and was...
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Before Case 179 After
front view before treatment Front view after treatment

Case 179

Patient's earring was accidentally pulled through her earlobe by her grandchild two years prior.  Patient had her ear repaired as an in office procedure.  Sutures were removed a week later, and earlobe healed well.  FVPS has an increasing interest in earlobe repair with the pop...
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Before Case 59 After
Back of ears before otoplasty Back of ears after otoplasty

Case 59

This young female patient and her parents were bothered by her ears, which stuck out.  She did her best to hide her ears.  To correct it, the Patient had an otoplasty.
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Before Case 21 After
Back of ears before otoplasty Back of ears after otoplasty

Case 21

This 11 year old male patient was bothered by his ears, which stuck out.  Patient received bilateral otoplasty. Post-Op photo was taken six months after surgery.
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