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Eye Surgery (Blepharoplasty) Photos

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Before Case 239 After
Before Photo After 6 wks.

Case 239

This patient failed her visual field test in both eyes.  The patient noticed the field constriction and was very conscientious of the droopy, heavy feeling lids.  The right brow was slightly lower than the left, and there was more excess skin on the right upper eyelid.  A bilateral...
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Before Case 236 After
Before Photo After 3 mos.

Case 236

This 74 year old male had low lying upper eyelids with edema and visual field defect.  The left eye had very noticeable drooping.  With a very obvious and hyper animated forehead, it was felt that simply repairing the left side would leave the patient with drooping visible on the right...
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Before Case 289 After
front of face before upper blepharoplasty front of face 6 wks. after upper blepharoplasty

Case 289

This 65 year old patient had failed a visual acuity exam, and came to the practice for a bilateral upper blepharoplasty with fat pad removal.  The blepharoplasty was covered by insurance, while the fat pad removal was not.
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Before Case 278 After
Before Photo After 6 wks.

Case 278

This 59 year old patient was diagnosed with blepharoptosis, blepharochalasia, and visual field defect.  Her eyelids were heavy, and had been impairing her vision for a while.  She had a bilateral upper eyelid blepharoplasty.  The fat pads were not removed.  After her 6 week po...
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Before Case 240 After
Before Photo After 6 wks.

Case 240

Although not readily apparent, this patient failed her visual field test in both eyes because of her eye structure.  Her right eye drooped more than the left, and there was excess skin in both eyes.  The doctor performed a bilateral upper eyelid blepharoplasty with no fat pad removal.
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Before Case 237 After
Before Photo After 5 mos.

Case 237

This 50 year old patient had mild visual field defects in the right eye, and moderate defects in the left eye.  She had significant dermatochalasis and blepharoptosis, and was very conscientious of her droopy lids.  This patient benefited from a bilateral blepharoplasty with removal of...
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Before Case 226 After
Before Photo After 3 months

Case 226

57 year old patient had a blepharoplasty at another practice and was unhappy with the excess skin in her right eye.  At that time, she also developed an infection after the operation, and has dry eyes.  Dr. Janssen performed a bilateral upper blepharoplasty on the patient to even out he...
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Before Case 197 After
Front view before surgery Front view after surgery

Case 197

The patient’s main concerns were her aging eyes, jowls, and neck.  The left eye drooped more than the right eye.  Both eyes had excess skin.  Patient opted for upper and lower blepharoplasty, a MACS face lift, and a neck lift.  After the surgery, the patient felt that th...
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Before Case 161 After
Before After 3 months

Case 161

This patient had droopy eyelids, and opted for a cosmetic bilateral upper blepharoplasty.  No fat pads were removed.
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Before Case 159 After
Front of face before treatment Front of face after treatment

Case 159

Patient had a left upper eye lid excision to remove excess skin and to better match the right eye.
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