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Labiaplasty Photos

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Before Case 223 After
Before Photo After 2 mos.

Case 223

This 43 year old patient was self conscious about the size of her labia.  She wanted the labia and clitoral hood reduced.  Dr. Janssen performed a longitudinal labiaplasty in which the entire inverted horseshoe excision was performed continuously.
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Before Case 203 After
Before Photo After 3 months

Case 203

Patient had extra labial skin which was stretched after a long delivery.  Dr. Janssen performed a labiaplasty using a central wedge resection technique, which preserved the natural rugosity (wrinkles) of the labia minora.  The labiaplasty reduced and balanced the size of the labia.
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Before Case 122 After
Before After 1 month

Case 122

Patient had an excess of the central labia, which looked unacceptable to the patient and caused discomfort when working out. Patient had a bilateral wedge labiaplasty.
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