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Before Case 312 After
Before Photo After 6 wks.

Case 312

This 64 year old female patient wanted surgical correction for her “turkey waddle” in her neck and her lower jowls.  She underwent a MACS facelift with LSD (lateral skin-platysma displacement) for the neck. Her post op photos are at just 6 weeks. Her neck is already considerably...
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Before Case 316 After
Before Photo After 2.5 Mos.

Case 316

This patient was unhappy with the excessive skin on her face, and wanted a face lift and a neck lift.  This resolved the jowls and the neck is more defined.  The photos are post 2.5 months.
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Before Case 199 After
Front view before surgery Front view after surgery

Case 199

Patient concerns were her chin and neck.  Her jawline, which was shaved off when she was young, still had numbness.  She also did not like her sagging neck skin.  Upon examination, the patient had skin laxity with excess skin and fat under her chin and neck.  Patient opted for...
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Before Case 197 After
Front view before surgery Front view after surgery

Case 197

The patient’s main concerns were her aging eyes, jowls, and neck.  The left eye drooped more than the right eye.  Both eyes had excess skin.  Patient opted for upper and lower blepharoplasty, a MACS face lift, and a neck lift.  After the surgery, the patient felt that th...
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Before Case 180 After
Front view before surgery Front view after surgery

Case 180

Patient had a facelift two years ago at another practice and was unhappy with the results.  She felt that the neck did not appear any differently after the procedure.  She told us that she wanted the excess neck skin and jowls tightened, which we corrected with an office MACS facelift a...
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Before Case 43 After
Left side view of neck before neck lift Left side view of neck after neck lift

Case 43

This patient wanted to tighten her neck.  She had a neck lift.  Post-Op photo was taken at eight months.
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Before Case 20 After
left view before surgery left view after surgery

Case 20

This 52 year old female patient was concerned about the neck profile.  She opted for a necklift to tighten the area.  Post-Op photo was taken one month after surgery.
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