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Rhinoplasty (Nose Surgery) Photos

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Before Case 356 After
Before Photo After Photo

Case 356

This patient was unhappy with the appearance of her nose, particularly her nasal dorsal hump. She is very pleased with her results after her rhinoplasty performed by Dr. Janssen. 
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Before Case 272 After
Before Photo After Photo

Case 272

This patient had gastric bypass surgery, and maintained her 80 pound weight loss for two years.  Three months after getting an abdominoplasty and breast reduction, the patient had a formal thigh lift and an arm lift.  Liposuction removed 645 mL of fat from the left thigh and 430 mL from...
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Before Case 187 After
Before After

Case 187

Patient has rhinophyma, caused by an extreme case of acne rosacea in which the skin becomes oily, reddened and bumpy.  The nose appears very red and bulbous.  The condition, which he has had for 25 years, has become progressively worse.  Alcoholism is mistakenly attributed as a cau...
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Before Case 173 After
Before After

Case 173

Patient had a dorsal hump with wideness of her dorsal bones, a boxy nasal tip, and a masculine columellar lobular angle.  She improved all the issues with an open structure rhinoplasty.
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Before Case 125 After
Right view of nose before rhinoplasty Right view of nose after rhinoplasty

Case 125

This 33 year old female patient had a closed structure rhinoplasty to correct a dorsal nasal hump and dorsal nasal width.
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Before Case 77 After
Right view of nose before rhinoplasty Right view of nose after rhinoplasty

Case 77

This 35 year old patient had a rhinoplasty with a reduction of her bulbous and boxy tip along with a reduction in the width of her dorsum.
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Before Case 44 After
Left side of face before rhinoplasty Left side of face after rhinoplasty

Case 44

This young 17 year old patient was unhappy with the appearance of her nose.  She had a rhinoplasty. Post-Op photo taken at four months.
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Before Case 22 After
Right view of nose before rhinoplasty Right view of nose 6 months after rhinoplasty

Case 22

This patient was unhappy with the profile of her nose, and had a rhinoplasty. Post-Op photo was taken six months after surgery.
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