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Before Case 332 After
Before Photo After 2 months

Case 332

This young 76 year old female patient was concerned with sagging in her midface and wrinkles. Rather than pursuing a facelift, we recommended a diamond laser profractional treatment to treat her facial aging. This is the most aggressive laser procedure we offer. Healing was slow, but the patient...
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Before Case 305 After
Before Photo After 7 wks

Case 305

No younger sibling likes to be mistaken as the older sibling.  That was what used to happen to our patient who was bothered by what she described as “deep wrinkles around her mouth”.  We prepped her skin with ZO® Retinol Skin Brightener 0.5% for 2 months before her Scito...
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Before Case 304 After
Before Photo After 2 mos.

Case 304

We addressed this female patient’s lip lines with a laser treatment.  She was put on ZO® skin care products 6 weeks prior to the laser treatment to condition her skin.  She had light laser resurfacing to the entire face, and deep resurfacing to the mouth area.  At her 2 m...
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Before Case 135 After
Left side of face before treatment Left side of face after treatment

Case 135

Patient was treated with a Diamond ProFractional™ laser procedure to improve fine lines, treat sun damage, and stimulate collagen production for plumping the skin.
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Before Case 103 After
Left side of face before treatment Left side of face after treatment

Case 103

Patient had melasma, a brown skin discoloration, on her cheeks. Melasma is difficult to treat and tends to resist conventional treatments. The patient’s melasma was visibly reduced after three Opal ProFractional™ laser treatments.
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