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Breast Reconstruction Photos

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Before Case 371 After
Before with flexing After 6 wks no flexing

Case 371

This patient underwent bilateral breast reconstruction in 2018 with silicone implants at another practice. When she came to our practice, she felt that her implants had shifted and looked droopy. In the flexed position, her upper chest appeared concave and had severe deformity. In addition, she g...
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Before Case 325 After
Before Photo After Photo

Case 325

This 57 year old patient has a family history of breast cancer. Dr. Janssen performed bilateral breast reconstruction with tissue expander with Cortiva placement. She had some problems with fluid drainage and open wounds on the left side requiring washouts, but we were able to successfully keep h...
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Before Case 295 After
Front of breasts before surgery Front of breasts after surgery

Case 295

This 48 year old patient had breast cancer on her left breast.  She opted for bilateral two stage breast reconstruction using tissue expander and ADM followed by 800mL smooth round Mentor gel implants.  Bilateral nipple areolar reconstruction utilized a low abdomen donor site for the ar...
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Before Case 279 After
Before Photo After 1 yr.

Case 279

This young patient was diagnosed with right breast cancer at age 40.  She opted from a bilateral mastectomy from her general surgeon, while Dr. Janssen performed bilateral breast reconstruction utilizing tissue expanders, Alloderm, and Mentor MH Memory Shape gel implants (medium height, high...
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Before Case 267 After
Before Photo After 3 mos.

Case 267

Right oncoplastic breast reduction and left breast reduction.  With a family history of cancer, this 71 year old patient had right breast cancer.  Her general surgeon removed 25g from the right breast with a lumpectomy.  Plastic surgeon Dr. Doubek resected an additional 38g of brea...
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Before Case 256 After
Before Photo After Photo

Case 256

This patient had a previous breast augmentation with saline implants.  She was diagnosed with invasive ductal carcinoma in her left breast.  Instead of just a left sided nipple/areola sparing mastectomy, she opted for a bilateral mastectomy, because her gene testing was positive. ...
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Before Case 209 After
Breast Reconstruction with Nipple Tattoo Breast Reconstruction with Nipple Tattoo

Case 209

50 year old patient was diagnosed with stage IV cancer in her right breast.  Prior to surgery, she had significant drooping of her breasts.  She underwent chemotherapy and had a bilateral inverted T mastectomy without preservation of the nipple areola complex.  She had immediate re...
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Before Case 202 After
Front of breasts before surgery Front of breasts after surgery

Case 202

There was slight drooping in the patient’s breasts, with the right breast being slightly larger than the left.  Patient self detected a mass in her right breast, and followed it with a biopsy of the area, which was found to be cancer.  She underwent chemotherapy, and opted for a b...
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Before Case 188 After
Front of breasts before surgery Front of breasts after surgery

Case 188

This was a difficult case of a 58 year old patient with a history of left breast cancer and mastectomy.  When she had a repeat of cancer in her left breast, a mastectomy was performed and tissue expander was placed at the same time.  Her nipple areolar complex sat low on her left side.&...
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Before Case 157 After
Front of breasts before surgery Front of breasts after surgery

Case 157

Patient had bilateral breast reconstruction and tissue expander replacement with Sientra high projection silicone gel implants. Patient had bilateral lipostructure with abdomen donor site and nipple areola reconstruction.
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