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Before Case 208 After
Before Photo After 17 months

Case 208

A 39 year old female had her nose significantly injured by a pit bull terrier.  This was a complex injury with exposure to the cartilaginous tissue of the bridge of the nose, which required multiple surgeries.  There was no evidence of underlying bone fracture.  In the initial surg...
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Before Case 262 After
Before Photo After 4 months

Case 262

This 81 year old male patient has a history of multiple actinic keratosis.  At another practice, he had a few lesions excised, and some treated with liquid nitrogen.  He came to us with a non-healing ulcerative lesion of the left ear.  It had been present for 6 months and had not h...
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Before Case 152 After
Left side of face before treatment Left side of face after treatment

Case 152

Patient was here for a defect closure post Mohs surgery on her left cheek.  Patient opted for primary closure.
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Before Case 151 After
Front of face before treatment Front of face after treatment

Case 151

Patient had previous basal cell carcinoma on his nose, which was eliminated with a Mohs procedure.  We closed the open wound with a full thickness skin graft taken from behind the left ear.
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Before Case 113 After
Front of face before treatment Front of face after treatment

Case 113

Patient was diagnosed with skin cancer on the nose. Multiple reconstructive surgeries using regional flap closure, were performed to reconstruct the nose.
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