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Before Case 330 After
Before Photo After Photo

Case 330

This 43 year old patient was concerned with redness on her face, especially her nose. She started with a skin care regimen of ZO® Daily Power Defense and ZO® Rozatrol. Then she proceeded with a series of 3 Ruby BBL treatments to address redness. BBL treatments were spaced 1 month apart. T...
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Before Case 296 After
Right view of face before skin care program Right view of face after skin care program

Case 296

This 37 year old female patient was concerned with her melasma. She had been seeing a dermatologist for a few years with her concern, and had been on hydroquinone unsuccessfully.  We put her on ZO® Melamin-C and Melamix .05% to see if it would help lighten her skin.  There was a sig...
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Before Case 313 After
Before Photo After 6 wks.

Case 313

This 67 year old male patient had concerns about the redness and broken capillaries on his face.  We treated him with 3 rounds of Veinwave, 1 sclerotherapy injection to the left side of the face, and ZO® Daily Power Defense and Rozatrol for 4 weeks. He said he has seen such an improvemen...
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Before Case 302 After
Before Photo After 2 months

Case 302

This 17 year old female patient had seen a dermatologist for her acne and had been on several medications and topical creams that did not work. Although she did not eat much dairy, we suggested that she eliminate it as much as possible. We had her on ZO® Skin Health products (Exfoliating Clea...
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Before Case 162 After
Left side of face before treatment Left side of face after treatment

Case 162

Patient with mild rosacea and fine lines used the Clarisonic Mia2 cleansing brush with the Obaji CR-X System (normal to dry) system for 3 months.  Visible improvement in skin tone and fine lines.
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Before Case 126 After
Left side of face before treatment Left side of face after treatment

Case 126

Patient's primary concerns were hyperpigmentation, acne, and small dilated blood vessels. Patient had a Veinwave™ treatment for the dilated blood vessels, microdermabrasion and a chemical peel for the acne, and used the Obagi® Nu-Derm system for hyperpigmentation. Patient also had a...
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Before Case 101 After
Left side of face before treatment Left side of face after treatment

Case 101

Patient had light lines. Used Dermaquest™ products: Glyco Creamy Cleanser, EyeBrite, and Stem Cell 3D Complex applied with a 0.25mm MicroRoller. After 4 months, patient had noticeably diminished lines.
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Before Case 99 After
Left side of face before treatment Left side of face after treatment

Case 99

Patient had dry skin, light lines and wrinkles, skin laxity, and sun damage. Used DermaQuest™ skin care products to improve skin condition. Saw 23% improvement in pores and skin texture.
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Before Case 63 After
Left view of face before skin care products Left view of face after skin care products

Case 63

Patient's face had hyperpigmentation and showed signs of photodamage. Patient went on the Obagi Nu-Derm® system with .025% tretinoin to accelerate cellular turnover, which improved damage in layers of skin. After 6 weeks, patient saw remarkable reduction in spots with progress still conti...
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