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Before Case 331 After
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Case 331

This is 48 year old female had aching, pain, heaviness, tiredness, fatigue, itching, swollen ankles, leg cramps, throbbing and restlessness in her left leg. The symptoms had progressively worsened in recent months. Compression stockings had been worn, but were not effective because venous reflux...
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Before Case 313 After
Before Photo After 6 wks.

Case 313

This 67 year old male patient had concerns about the redness and broken capillaries on his face.  We treated him with 3 rounds of Veinwave, 1 sclerotherapy injection to the left side of the face, and ZO® Daily Power Defense and Rozatrol for 4 weeks. He said he has seen such an improvemen...
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Before Case 126 After
Left side of face before treatment Left side of face after treatment

Case 126

Patient's primary concerns were hyperpigmentation, acne, and small dilated blood vessels. Patient had a Veinwave™ treatment for the dilated blood vessels, microdermabrasion and a chemical peel for the acne, and used the Obagi® Nu-Derm system for hyperpigmentation. Patient also had a...
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