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Breast Reduction Photos

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Before Case 206 After
Before Photo After 6 months

Case 206

Patient complained of having pain and discomfort in her neck, shoulder and back. She worked on a computer all day. Because of her large breast size 36E, it was hard to fit into clothes and to exercise.  Patient hoped to reduce her breasts to a B cup.  458 grams were resected from the le...
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Before Case 294 After
Front of breasts before surgery Front of breasts after surgery

Case 294

This 36 year old female’s large breasts caused her pain in the back, neck and shoulders.  She opted for a breast reduction, which was covered by insurance.  Dr. Janssen performed a standard McKissock-style breast reduction and removed 854g on the right breast, and 755g on the left...
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Before Case 280 After
Before Photo After 3 mos.

Case 280

This 58 year old patient had suffered from back, neck, and shoulder pain from her large breasts.  She had deep shoulder strap marks, and had seen a chiropractor, orthopedic surgeon, and a physical therapist for pain relief.  Dr. Janssen performed a bilateral mammary reduction with lipos...
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Before Case 270 After
Before Photo After Photo

Case 270

This patient had gastric bypass surgery, and maintained her 80 pound weight loss for two years.  The massive weight loss left her with abdominal skin laxity and droopy breasts.  She complained of neck and shoulder achiness from her large breasts.  The patient had a bilateral breast...
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Before Case 267 After
Before Photo After 3 mos.

Case 267

Right oncoplastic breast reduction and left breast reduction.  With a family history of cancer, this 71 year old patient had right breast cancer.  Her general surgeon removed 25g from the right breast with a lumpectomy.  Plastic surgeon Dr. Doubek resected an additional 38g of brea...
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Before Case 218 After
Before Photo After 2 months

Case 218

The 38 year old patient had overly large breasts with the right breast bigger than the left breast.  She had difficulty with exercise, shoulder strap marks, and suffered from headaches, rashes, and pain in the back, neck and shoulders.  Patient had a bilateral mammary reduction with 573...
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Before Case 217 After
Before Photo After 3 months

Case 217

This 22 year old patient had significantly large breasts which caused her pain in the shoulders, neck, and breasts.  She had difficulty with exercise.  She wore a size 38 DD/DDD and desired to be a C cup.  Patient had a bilateral breast reduction with liposuction.  Dr. Janssen...
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Before Case 214 After
Before Photo After 4 months

Case 214

This 64 year old patient’s large breasts caused her to have back, neck, and shoulder pain.  Her right breast was slightly larger than her left breast.  She had a bilateral breast reduction by having tissue excised and breast liposuction performed.   In all 829 grams were...
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Before Case 210 After
Before Photo After 5 months

Case 210

This 62 year old patient had complained of pain in her neck and shoulders, shoulder strap marks, difficulty with exercise and headaches due to her oversized breasts, which were a 34FF. Insurance covered her breast reduction, in which 1048 grams were reduced from the right side, and 1084 grams fro...
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Before Case 195 After
Front of breasts before surgery Front of breasts after surgery

Case 195

This young patient suffered from neck and back pain, tension headaches, and jaw pain from her oversized 44DDD breasts.  Bras left grooves on her shoulders.  She had trouble finding bras that fit and support her properly.  Patient had a bilateral reduction mammoplasty with free nipp...
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